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Decadent Designz is proud to offer complete design services for New Residential, Holiday Rental as well as Turn Key. We specialize in High Quality Interior and Exterior Furnishings, Furniture Packages, Custom Upholstery, Unique Decorative Accessories as well as many other specialized items like Re- Purposed Furniture and Accessories, and High Quality Second Hand Goods.

Are you In the market to sell your home or vacation property? Would you like to make your home stand out from the rest?

Treat your home to a Staging Makeover today.

Not looking to sell your home, well Decadent Designz can offer many options that will have you falling in love with your home all over again. Transform your space! Decadent Designz does it all, from budgeting and planning to delivery and installation. You don’t need to do a thing, except call (984) 132-3511 to schedule a no cost consultation today!

Let Decadent Designz create the perfect space for you. We will support you throughout the entire design process, from fabric selection to Custom Furniture Design. Don’t leave anything to chance. Get it right the first time!

Decadent Designz also offers Black Hat Sect Feng Shui; Feng Shui is an environmental healing practice used to enhance the flow of energy in your home to create an overall theme of well-being, abundance, balance and harmony.

Call Decadent Designz now to schedule a free initial consultation.

Custom Jacuzzi Covers

Lots of color & style options